How do you react when your teenage son gets married without your knowledge? For one Shreveport family, they put his truck on Craigslist and called him an idiot.

In a story straight out of a sitcom, two Shreveport, Louisiana parents planning to give their teenage son a truck for graduating high school have decided against it after discovering he had gotten married without their knowledge to an older woman in South Carolina.

But the parents didn't just tell their son about their change of heart in person. They also listed the truck on Shreveport Craigslist's For Sale section and titled the listing 'Our teenager is an idiot.'


There he was. His future was bright. A week away from high school graduation, he was college bound and poised to inherit the Holy Grail of his teenage years. The truck he had been pining away for his entire adolescent existence. Mom's truck.


In a universe full of mystery, this young man's biggest questions in life were, 'How can I exist in the presence of such a bad ass truck and not be allowed to touch it?' And 'When's dinner?'. But I digress......


1 week before we were going to give him the truck, it came to light that the little s--t got married in a clandestine ceremony in South Carolina over spring break. He came back home like nothing had happened.


As his blushing and surprisingly older bride came to town to claim her new husband, we had to tell the happy new couple that they would NOT be receiving the coveted truck. We did not want it eventually sold to pay the divorce lawyer. We'd rather sell it to you, you lucky, lucky people.


Interested? You should be. The truck sounds great at the asking price of $5,500.

"Are you a hunter? Tell your dog to move over, because this truck is your new best friend. It's got full time 4 wheel drive, my friends. There isn't anywhere this truck can't go," the ad reads. "With it's 3rd row seating, there is plenty of room to bring all of your huntin' buddies along. A man cave on wheels accurately describes this testosterone laden vehicle. It screams 'Hunt, Kill, I am all that is man!' And you will be. Yes You will."

"Buy it today before your teenager ruins their life and breaks your heart," the frustrated parent concludes her pitch.

The seller is asking for emails only, please!

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