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Musician Sings Song One Syllable at a Time
Be prepared to have your mind blown. This dude's name is Mike Love (no not the dude from the Beach Boys) I was listening to this song a friend of mine told me to check out and at around the 4:20 (!) mark weird stuff starts happening. He starts grunting in weird ways ... next thing you know it a…
Powerman 5000 Live
Next Saturday night (April 26) at Woody's in Keithville (the old Rustic Cowboy), we have one hell of a show lined up with Powerman 5000! The show itself is going to be amazing, but as an added bonus for showing up, we are going to be hooking you up with some killer prizes!
Crossfade & Candlelight Red at the Warehouse Tomorrow Night!
It's been a summer full of awesome shows so far, and this weekend is no different. Not only we do we have a huge show Friday night featuring Crossfade, Candlelight Red, Weaving The Fate and Built For Speed, but Saturday night it's the Sunkissed Barrelabisca CD release party.
Suckerpunch Sally Rally [PHOTOS]
I went out to the Suckerpunch Sally Rally and Music Fest Saturday afternoon. Got there just in time for the last part of Rockett Queen's set. Wish I could have stayed longer! Lots of great bands played, and there were plenty of awesome merch booths, custom bikes and cool cars to check out...