If you had to take a wild guess what the "grossest state in America" is, what would you say?  Welp, Texas cracked the top five.  Oh, but the criteria are wacky!

Zippia crafted a list of the grossest states, using things like air quality, the number of landfills, and the spread of illnesses like the flu. They also included the number of Google searches for certain gross items like “mayo recipes” and “Croc wearing.”  Ha!

What exactly makes a place gross might be debatable.  Mayonnaise sure is a lot more tolerable than a smelly trash heap for some of us, and we might be quicker to include stuffed crust pizza as a grossness qualifier.  Or excessive PDA.

It's usually more ammunition for bragging rights in the great state of Texas when we make a top ten list, but not this time.  Texas is one of the top ten grossest states in America, in fact, #5.  All of our hard work to be healthy, tidy up, and create pretty green spaces isn't exactly paying off, according to Zippia, and only Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia are grosser.

The Grossest States in America, according to Zippia

1. Virginia
2. South Carolina
3. North Carolina
4. Pennsylvania
5. Texas
6. New Jersey
7. Connecticut
8. Georgia
9. Delaware
10. New York

I can think of a bunch of other things that are gross besides landfills, can't you?  Like wearing jeans for a week without washing them, scrolling through the phone while sitting on the toilet, clipping toenails and letting them fly all over the living room, and popping a handful of blueberries into your mouth and then finding out there was a moldy one in the middle.  GUH-ross!

But apparently, these things happen mostly in Virginia.

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