At this point, I think it is safe to say that Chris Jericho is a genius. I mean, there is literally NOTHING the man can't do or get over. He is currently on his second best run of his illustrious career (many will say this is his best...but I still think the run against HBK was better). Dude has made Kevin Owens a made man, he got everything from Trap Queen to Stupid Idiots over with the audience.

But maybe the greatest Gift of Jericho is 'the List'. Seriously...somehow Jericho managed to get a clipboard and piece of paper more over than 90% of the roster. It's insane, when you actually think about it.

In fact, The List is SO over, that WWE has put it up for sale in the WWE Shop. So, now, when your boss or co-workers are being a pain in the ass, you can put them on The List!'s an amazing time to be a wrestling fan.

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