This guy seems desperate for attention, so let's throw him a bone and hope we're not sorry.

He's 28-year-old Mork Encino of Utah. That's the only location he gives . . . and he swears that's his real name. He's been unemployed for years, but he's found a way to make ends meet.

For $10,000 per person, he'll let you come to his ranch and hunt him. Hunters are allowed to use guns and booby traps. Mork says he's, quote, "willing to make the ultimate sacrifice" to earn money for his family.

Mork claims he won't be easy to bag. He says he's, quote, "faster than a wild turkey [and] smart as any God d*** wild boar". He'll only be armed with his wits and the clothes on his back.

And for an additional $2,000 per hunter, he'll strip down and let you hunt him naked.

So far, Mork says he's gotten some "pretty creepy" offers, but he hasn't accepted any yet. He admits that he'd rather use the attention he's getting to land a job than actually work as human prey.

(Journal Constitution)