A poll found that independent voters would vote for Charlie Sheen for president over Sarah Palin. Check out the Top Reasons Charlie Sheen Would Be a Good President.

His name's not Barack Obama.

He'd slash spending . . . into tiny lines . . . on his coffee table . . . and snort it.

Look how well his dad did at the job. What do you mean "that was just a TV show?!?"

It would be hilarious to watch him fly to Libya and stab Gaddafi in the neck.

It won't matter if he sucks since he'll be dead in six months.

Think of how short the State of the Union will be when it's just him saying "Duh, winning."

People are known to make really good decisions during all-night coke binges.

Even the craziest world dictator would be like, "Wow, that guy needs to calm down!"

No one's going to mess with a country whose president is also an F-18.

Cancer and AIDS would be instantly cured with our president's brain.

You get a lot done when you've been up for 17 days straight.

White House Spokesman Gary Busey? Yes, please.

He would not rest until all crack is off the streets . . . and in the Oval Office.