Chocoholic? You are, but never admit to it in public? As if you even NEEDED permission from Rage, It’s OK to crank it up about being a Choco-Rockaholic. This Friday past, December 16 was National Chocolate Covered ANYTHING Day. Yes, anything you want to let your imagination run with, heh, heh. But here are SEVEN out-RAGE-ously chocolate munches (that’s the word I intended) you can consider in mixed company.  #7  Chocolate Covered Crickets. Yes, really. That’s how you can use the next invasion of the crickets in BosRockCityPort. Jar them up and later dip them in chocolate. I’ve not sampled one, but I hear they taste like chocolate…with a crunch – and a bit of cricket.  #6 A Chocolate Fountain for anything. Cinnamon rolls, cherries, Oreos, pineapple chunks…just spread a table with your favorite (Five)Finger…foods, pass under the choco fall, pop and chew!  #5 Chocolate Roaches. Ummm…no, not really. These are made with Cracker Jacks, Chow Mein Noodles and …Chocolate…you need NOT chase down the (roaches) main ingredient for this. And this state, don’t even consider the other variety of roaches.  #4 Move over, Tony the tiger, Chef Jacque Torres (yeah, he’s a Frenchman with an authentic French accent), of Jacque Torres Chocolates does Chocolate Covered Corn Flakes.  #3 I’ve discovered there are cowboys, cowgirls, hillbillies, country-folk and rednecks Outback in the land down under: Chocolate Covered Bacon. Eatin’ High on the Hog.  #2 It’s a way different twist on choco pretzels – the Choco Pretzel Pizza Supreme. (extra toppings are crushed Oreo cookies and baby M&M candies) Three of my favorite food groups. Pizza, Oreos and M&Ms. #1 Champagne infused chocolate dipped and drizzled strawberries. Real cork poppers, yeah! Here’s the web link so you see the videos in case you are struck by the chocolate muse.

One more thing: (a choco-legal-late disclaimer of sorts). My research indicates that “National Chocolate Covered ANYTHING Day doesn’t seem to have the support of “official proclamation from any president or congressional record.” There is speculation it dates back to the Homestead Act of 1862, probably one of those “ear-mark” provisions no one was supposed to know about. Rage opines: no “Offical Proclomation” needed when the object of discussion is chocolate. And…please, temper dealings with other Choco-Rockaholics in/near your space with your own discretionary indulgence. The foregoing is likely not good reading for hard-core grammarians, as Rage has engaged in a lot of creative writing liberty.