Over the last few weeks you've been hearing about people all over the world who caught on with the fads known as planking and owling. But today we unveil tinkling, the world's next 5 second craze.


For those of you who have no idea as to what planking and owling are then let me bring you up to speed. Planking is when you lay down face first on top or on object and then take a picture. Basically you're a plank and you don't move at all. Owling came after planking and that's when a person perches themselves on an object and sits there like an owl. No one knows why people started doing these things. My best guess is out of sheer boredom but they became wildly popular and that lead to the evolution of the crazes into what I present to you now, tinkling.

Tinkling was created in Blanchard, Louisiana by Kyle Conly, Kyle Turner, and Skyler Oberly. The deal is now to go around to random places and pull your pants slightly down, face away from the camera, strike a pose, and get your picture taken in a way that looks as if you're taking a piss. I'm sure it will be worldwide within a week and then replaced by another fad that sends into the depths of forgotten pop crazes where the bop it and razor scooter reside  but for now, tinkling is in and it started here in Louisiana.