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LT Is A Sex Offender
From the sports desk, its Chick McGee.
Legendary New York Giants linebacker LAWRENCE TAYLOR will avoid jail time for that hotel room debacle last year involving an underage prostitute. The incident in an upstate New York hotel room last May initially resulted in charges of third-degree rape, human tr…
The Amish. America’s Quiet Badasses.
Sure, they churn butter and wear dull clothing, but that doesn't mean the Amish don't know what's up! And a little lack of electricity  doesn't mean you can't get all fast and furious.
And Now, A Story About An Idiot
Ah idiots and the idiotic things they do. Is there anything like it? This is one of those stories where everyone in the world could've seen it coming . . . except the idiot involved. The woman's name hasn't been released, but she lives in Gobles, Michigan...
The Future of Music? We’re Doomed! [VIDEO]
Blowing up on Youtube currently is this song that a young girl named Rebecca Black did. She just sang it and did not write it. Instead a recording company that hands out discarded songs did. The video and song was purchased in a package by Rebecca's mom to give her daughter some experience beca…
Introducing the Manly Scented Candles [VIDEO]
Last fall, 13-year-old Hart Main of Marysville, Ohio saw his sister selling candles for school.  And he was making fun of her, like 13-year-old boys do, because all the candles had ultra-feminine scents like lavender and flowers.

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