If you've listened to any music over the past year, you know 2012 produced some of the best albums from the past decade. The Rock and Roll Revival is in full swing and I know I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us. But first, here is a look back at some of the best, most badass albums of 2012!

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    The only reason 'Down IV - Part I' is at the bottom of the list is because it's an EP. However, this 6 track EP is probably the best material from Phil and the boys since 'NOLA'. Part I was great, now we just have to wait for Part 2 and beyond to get released in 2013.

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    Charm City Devils - SINS

    If you're looking for a straight forward, ass kicking bluesy rocker in the vein of AC/DC or Aerosmith, the Charm City Devils album 'SINS' is just the cd for you. They've had a long road to hoe to get their second album out, but 'SINS' was well worth the wait.

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    Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline

    It's been a while since Lacuna Coil put out a really solid album (hey, they all can't be winners), but they returned to classic form with their album 'Dark Adrenaline'. It's dark, it's moody, it's heavy, and it's pretty f**king awesome.

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    Halestorm - The Strange Case Of...

    2012 was a break out year for Halestorm, and that shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone. The road warriors from Philly's second full length album features the sexiest woman in rock and roll Lzzy Hale let her freak flag fly while showing off her softer side...she strikes the perfect balance between the rocker slut we all want and the loving woman we all need.

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    Soundgarden - King Animal

    Is this the album we deserved after a long 16 year wait? No. But, it is still a damn good record. 'King Animal' blends all the flavors from the Soundgarden pallet, and puts them all on one record which makes the album a bit disjointed, jumpy and weird...but that's just part of the Soundgarden charm.

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    Lamb of God - Resolution

    With all of Randy's legal problems and issues...it seems like everyone forgot that Lamb of God put out a damn good record this year. Is it their best? No, no it's not. Is it worth owning? You can bet your sweet ass it is. It's a classic, hard hitting metal album that we've come to expect from LOG with a few killer twists.

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    Digital Summer - Breaking Point

    What can you say about these kids? They aren't on a record label. They don't have a manager. They all hold full time, 'real jobs'. The album was funded primarily on fan donations. And despite of all that, somehow they managed to put out one of the most solid albums of 2012. If you don't know who Digital Summer are or don't own a copy of 'Breaking Point' yet, well you need to get your ass in gear.

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    Texas Hippie Coalition - Peacemaker

    Big Daddy Rich and the boys from THC put out the best straight forward metal album of the year, hands down. I know I'll probably catch a bunch of sh*t for saying it, but it's the truth. Every song on the album is solid. 'Peacemaker', 'Turn It Up' and 'Hands Up' are classics that you'll want to hear over and over and over again! If you think I'm kidding, grab the album and check it out for yourself.

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    Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones Part I

    The mad genius Corey Taylor hit another home run with the new Stone Sour album 'House of Gold & Bones Part I'. The record is ambitious and hard hitting. You'll drift from an acoustic jam straight into a hard hitting rocker that sounds like it belongs on a Slipknot album.

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    Deftones - Koi No Yokan

    The kings of soft and fuzzy metal are back with their best album since 'White Pony'. All the songs on this one are top notch with 'Leathers', 'Rosemary' and 'Gauze' standing out. If you've EVER been a fan of the Deftones, you need this album in your collection.