It can be a very difficult decision to get a little girl make-up for Christmas.  Even if that child is yours, it can be hard to determine the correct age to let girls start slathering on the liquid and powder lies.  Let's say you've decided to give it a go because you feel the little flower in your life is ready for her second face.  Congratulations!  Now you'll have to worry about if the make-up you bought is full of carcinogens.  Sometimes, life is really unfair.

A few weeks ago, Northern California mom Kristi Warner was concerned that the glitter make-up she purchased for her 6-year old daughter wasn't safe.  The present that was supposed to make little McKenzie feel like a more mature 1st grader was tainted with tremolite asbestos.  If you somehow missed all of the lawyer commercials that run during the soap operas about what asbestos does to your body and how the right professionals can turn that into a cash settlement that you deserve - asbestos exposure is linked to the cancer mesothelioma. 

Concerned about the results, Warner and her boss decided to test 17 more products.  The results were the same.  All of the make-up kits they tested showed the same results - they all contained asbestos.

In response, Claire's issued this response:

...We have taken the precautionary measure of pulling the items in question from sale and will be conducting an immediate investigation into the alleged issues.”

According to WPRI, the recalled items include the "Aqua Glitter Kit," "Jeweled Heart," "Pink Jeweled Heart Kit," "Pink Glitter," "Shiny Black Plastic Makeup Kit With Handle," "Pink Glittery Makeup Kit With Fold Closure," "Claire's Eyeshadow Palette," "Pink Sparkly Heart Kit," and the "Pink Jeweled Star Kit."

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